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7 Reasons Why You Should Run Paid Google Ads

June 15, 2022
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The first company that comes into anyone’s mind when they think about digital ads is Google. Google has the lion’s share of the biggest search engines. Indeed, Google Ads are the most effective method for paid online advertising.

As of 2020, Google as a company fetched $183 billion in revenue, and its paid advertisements accounted for $147 billion. All thanks to its efficient advertising tools, you can target users across many popular platforms like Maps, YouTube, and other third-party websites.


Google building in the South Lake Union area late in the day with a reflection of clouds


In this blog post, we look at the top reasons Google Ads are relevant to your business and the various ways it will add value to your marketing efforts.

So, how can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?

Let’s dive in!


Why Google Ads Are Worth It


Google is the most prevalent and widely used search engine worldwide. It receives over 1.2 trillion queries yearly, has 3.5 billion users daily, and gets 40,000 searches every second. From these stats, it’s safe to say that Google ads offer virtually unlimited opportunities marketers need to boost sales for their clients.

With the sheer number of Google searches, companies enjoy a captivated potential audience actively searching for their services, products, and content. You can also split results across three networks: search, display, and video.


1. Paid Google Ads Deliver Faster Results


One significant difference between PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the time it will take to see results.

Google Ads offers results nearly instantly. Within minutes of the ad receiving approval, you will start to acquire new traffic.

Getting started with Google Ads is seamless. Your Google Advertising agency primarily needs to set up a Google Ads account for your business, a max bid, and a budget to start getting traffic to your website on the same day. This should happen after a Google Ads Audit is conducted by your Google Ads management services provider.

On the other hand, SEO usually takes more time to start delivering results, going into several weeks and months. As much as SEO will be more effective in solidifying long-term results and generating unlimited free traffic, Google Ads is about instant results to quickly start generating revenue for your company. You can then use some of those profits down the road and reinvest them into SEO.


SEO vs PPC concept showing two laptops and a question mark


The primary difference between Google Ads and SEO is that Google Ads have a defined customer acquisition cost, where SEO is more open-ended with no specific customer acquisition cost. A disadvantage of Google Ads is when you turn off your ads, you disappear from top search results.

SEO’s organic ranking nature keeps your desired results in place long after you stop paying your SEO agency. This is what makes Search Engine Optimization a better solution in the long term, however, an ideal scenario is to make both marketing efforts simultaneously for maximum results.


2. Unlimited Potential


Google Ads is arguably the most scalable form of marketing strategy today. Marketers can decide on important keywords to bid on while tracking the amount of traffic each keyword phrase brings. This means you have an interested target audience with the tools to reach them.


drive more conversions words on speedometer representing sales increase


You can boost your traffic by adding new keywords. Additionally, increasing your daily spending on a working PPC campaign will still bring you even more clicks.

Google Ads uses the concept of ranking keywords on a bidding system. By bidding higher, you increase your position and gain more traffic. For example, if you are in position four, you can improve your spending to push to position two. Increasing your bid enables you to attract as many potential customers as your budget allows. It’s also essential to have well-designed, continuously do for search engine user traffic to ensure the best chances of sales.


3. Excellent Performance Tracking and Analytics


Google offers a reliable dashboard where marketers get valuable and insightful analytics built right in. The Google Ads analytics enables users to perform A/B tests on their ad copies and landing pages to help maximize (ROI (Return On Investment) and/or ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). These are the most critical metrics for tracking and evaluating a successful digital marketing campaign.


Google ads performance dashboard


The pay-per-click statistics inform the ads’ performance and recommend the changes you can make to improve your results. Marketers have access to all the details they need from the average cost per click, ad position for your conversion rate, and more.

It’s also possible to link Google Ads with Google Analytics accounts, where you can simultaneously compare PPC and organic search data. With accurate data to back up critical business decisions, it is easy to manage your marketing spending wisely. For service-based businesses, like a local dental office, marketers often add phone call lead tracking software such as CallRail, which can also be integrated with Google Ads. CallRail is a great way to listen to calls and read website form submissions and text messages for segmented leads from any marketing effort, whether it’s online or offline.


4. Flexibility and Control


pausing ppc campaign concept showing a hand stopping domino from moving


Google Ad campaigns are highly flexible, meaning you can start or pause them in seconds. Enabling and re-enabling your campaigns are also cost-free. Such flexibility and control will allow you to manage your spending effectively with no contracts or fixed terms. You don’t spend money when you don’t need or want to.


5. Stand Out From Competition


Your competition actively seeks to take online market share away from you and everyone else in your niche through traffic and sales by doing SEO and PPC every month. Google Ads can help you surpass them by increasing your bid and using the right strategies to maximize traffic.


two business persons competiting with each other showing target or goal


For example, if your competitors actively invest in Google search by relying on SEO, raising your paid advertising bids enables you to beat them with an intelligent PPC strategy. Or, if they are also running a successful PPC, you may attempt to outbid them and move up higher in rankings.

Paid searches will help you beat your competition in clicks and traffic by bringing your services and/or products front and center to where your target audience is searching for them.


6. Level Up the Playing Field


When it comes to marketing, some brands assume the biggest budget wins, but it’s not always the case. Google prioritizes relevancy and quality to determine what ads to display, just like with organic searches.

In the eyes of the Google algorithm, a more relevant ad will result in a great user experience. As a result, users who enjoy their online experience will keep relying on Google as their primary search engine.


four business people racing together to the win the goal


Therefore, Google will consider ad quality, page score, and relevancy as significantly as it would the maximum bid per click. With high-quality ads, you don’t even have to bid higher to rank higher. Some keywords will always be more expensive, but with a higher quality ad, you will gain a better position and lower your prices.


7. Reach Customers in a Wide Range of Formats


Google Ads, initially called Google Adwords, was launched in 2000 with rudimentary, text-based ads. Most of these elements remain to date, but Google Ads have transformed to offer new features that marketers can use to compel and entice customers to convert into a sale.


businessman conceptualizing on reaching more customers


The platform has incredible customization and control over the ad experience with tools such as social proofing, site links, ad extensions, location targeting, and more. You can also choose the special ad formats that suit the unique needs of various sectors like restaurants, vehicle manufacturers, or hotels.


Bottom Line


Google advertising is worth every penny as it provides a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach qualified and targeted audiences. Start leapfrogging your search results and earn more clicks and conversions using Google Ads.

Working with a digital marketing company like Kore Media can help you get the best results and improve your revenue. Talk to us today to discuss how we can enhance your sales with Google Advertising!