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What Are Backlinks and How To Get Them in 2024

February 29, 2024
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Strong SEO is one of the best ways to help people find your website online via search engines, with some tactics more effective than others in helping you optimize your site. One essential tactic you’ll want to employ is link building, which remains as important as ever in assisting with SEO.

Here, we’ll go over what backlinks are and how you can build your backlink network in 2024.


What Are Backlinks?


Backlinks are a specific type of link that connects one website to another, with a link to the target website appearing on another. These external links can signal to Google that a website is worth ranking for, depending on their placement.

The key is getting backlinks on high-quality, reputable websites that Google recognizes as authorities. With a large number of quality backlinks, you can supplement other SEO strategies to boost your website’s organic search rankings.

Not only can backlinks improve your SEO, but they can also give your reputation a boost as you build more brand awareness. If many well-known sites are linking to your content, audiences are more likely to trust you over competitors that neglect these campaigns.


Tips for Getting Backlinks in 2024


With a better idea of what backlinks are, you may wonder how to get them throughout 2024 and into the years ahead. The following are some specific ways to build your link building campaigns moving forward:


1. Create and Check for Backlink-Worthy Content


The fundamentals of every link building entail developing high-quality content that people will naturally want to share and attempting to get it onto other websites.


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So, the first real step is either creating new quality content or checking for top-performing content. There’s no shortage of content types you can use in your linkbuilding campaigns, with some examples including:

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Studies, including research and case studies
  • How-to guides
  • Infographics and other image content
  • Influencer partnership content
  • Videos

While you’ll want to reach out to potential link sources to build backlinks, solid content will likely encourage people to link back to it on their own, helping you build backlinks with less effort.

Be sure to check your analytics to see what kind of content is getting the most engagement, including traffic and page session duration. Using or further optimizing this content could further help with backlinking strategies.


2. Look at What Competitors Are Doing


In addition to focusing on your own website, take a look at your competitors to get a feel for their approach.


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Conduct a competitive analysis to find out what sources are linking back to your competitors, assess their content quality, check their social media activity, and determine their SEO strategy. Based on how your competitors are succeeding, you can take cues that inform your own campaigns.

For example, you could find that your competitor has a high-performing backlink on an industry-related blog that’s right for you. You could then try to get a backlink on that blog.


3. Try to Replace Broken Links


Another strategy you can try is to seek out and replace broken links on other websites.


404 error page not found banner, broken page showing melting popsicle on a webpage


First, you would use an analytics tool to look for broken competitor links. In the process, you’d enter your competitor’s domain name into the tool to look for any 404s appearing across the web. You could also determine what anchor text the site used to link back to your competitor’s broken link, which you might then apply to your own replacement link.

After finding some potential broken link replacement opportunities, the next step entails either creating new content or taking existing content and reaching out to the source with the broken link. The webmaster may be inclined to link to your website, helping you step into your competitor’s place.


4. Take the HARO Approach


One popular backlinking tactic is Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which means what it sounds like: providing journalists with helpful content in exchange for a backlink. 


news reporter, journalist holding microphone and writing notes


Using the Help a Reporter Out resource, you can sign up to take content requests from journalists to cover topics related to your niche. You can then create or repurpose existing content to meet the needs of different requests and include a link back to it. As long as your content is relevant and of sufficient quality to warrant a journalistic reference, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of HARO in your strategies.


5. Harness the Power of Pillar Content


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A particular type of content that can help you build more backlinks is pillar content or skyscraper content. This is content that covers every subtopic under a broader blanket topic. For example, a gardening website might have a pillar page that covers every topic related to building the perfect garden, including selecting the right plants, choosing the perfect soil mixture, and buying the ideal gardening tools. This pillar page could then link out to shorter blog posts that each cover a specific subtopic in greater depth, encouraging the pillar page’s readers to continue exploring your content.

If you create a pillar page that outperforms competing pages in terms of quality and the extent of coverage, you’ll have an easier time getting backlinks to it. You could even reach out to websites linking to similar content and suggest replacing their existing links with one to your top-quality pillar page.


Get Some Help With Your 2024 Backlinking Strategy


These and other approaches to link building can help you get the best possible results from your SEO efforts. However, you will need to have the time and resources to dedicate to your campaigns to get the most from them. If you need assistance with your link building and other strategies, Kore Media is here for you with a suite of digital marketing solutions.

We can work with you to build a successful link building strategy that truly works for you, assisting with content creation and optimization and reaching out to prospective referral sources. We can also assist with everything from paid advertising to web hosting and care, giving your business all it needs to thrive online.

Contact us today for more information about our services and get started on your next off-page SEO strategy with our experts.