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What Are SEO Services And What Does Search Engine Optimization Include

September 8, 2022
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Search engine optimization is critical for helping businesses dominate search engines, including platforms like Google and Bing. If your business is online and you’re not optimizing for search engines, you’re going to have a hard time getting traffic and leads. This makes it necessary to work toward landing on the first page of search engines. In fact, 95% of search traffic hits the first page, which is why you must maximize your visibility through good SEO.

Even if you understand the importance of SEO, you might not have the experience or resources to get the most from these efforts. With the help of the right SEO services, you’ll be able to significantly improve your company’s performance on Google and other search engines. In turn, you’ll have a better chance of getting to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) and staying above competitors.


What Are SEO Services?


SEO services involve performing certain tasks to help improve organic performance in search engines. You may receive SEO services from an agency, consultant, or freelance SEO specialist. Working with the right provider will help you get the best possible results from your SEO practices. It pays to work with a reliable agency that has the experience and resources needed to cover every aspect of SEO, particularly if you need scalability as your business grows.

SEO services will assist with every element, from keyword research and on-site optimization to link building and off-site efforts. The result will be a holistic solution that helps you achieve better rankings over time. While results may not be immediate, you’ll be able to strengthen your website’s performance and eventually gain more staying power once you begin ranking. The key is figuring out what your website specifically requires.


The Elements of Good SEO


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There are several critical components of strong SEO campaigns. A reliable SEO agency will be able to provide the following:


Keyword Research


The first step in an SEO strategy is to conduct keyword research. This entails using effective keyword research tools to seek keywords that you can build content around and target in search engines. You’ll want to target keywords that your audience actively uses when looking for your products or services. In addition to broader short-tail keywords that consist of around two to three words, your campaigns should aim to rank for specific long-tail keywords of four or more words.


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With a long list of high-value keywords, your agency can then begin developing optimized content to help you increase your visibility in search engines. Eventually, more people will be able to find you over competitors, bringing more traffic to your website with relevant searches.


On-site SEO


SEO services should also cover on-site optimization based on the keywords you want to target and good on-page SEO practices. On-site SEO is all about producing and curating valuable content that naturally incorporates keywords and other elements. The result should be increased search engine rankings along with a user experience that keeps people on your website.


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Once people find your content through search engines, your content should answer any questions your visitors have and provide them with the information they seek. Throughout, your content will also feature certain structural components that assist with SEO. In addition to keywords, these components should include internal and external links that further strengthen your content, along with generally good structure.


Link Building


One of the most important elements of today’s SEO campaigns is link building. When developing link building campaigns, your agency will look for reputable and industry-relevant websites that have authority in search engines. The agency will then reach out to the site owners and request the ability to place an inbound link on the website. In many cases, this would entail producing a guest post as a guest author on the website, which could include a link going back to your website. 


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If you have a large number of high-quality inbound links on many authoritative websites, this will increase your domain authority with a higher Domain Rating. If your website has a higher Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMrush Domain Rating, it will be more likely to achieve higher rankings on Google.


Technical SEO


Another critical element to consider for SEO is technical SEO. Great content, keyword optimization, link building, and website design can go a long way, but certain technical components could significantly impact performance in search engines.

In optimizing your website’s technical SEO, your agency will look at a number of aspects. For example, one of the most important items to look at is page load speed. If pages take too long to load, this could lead people to click away from the page before it finishes loading, sending them back to the SERP. This would translate to a higher bounce rate metric, which can indicate to Google that the page doesn’t have relevant or valuable content.


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Increasing page load speed would involve looking for certain issues such as large image files and improper formatting. Additionally, your agency could resolve a variety of other technical issues, including a lack of mobile-responsive design, broken links, and crawl errors.




Blogs offer a great way to both connect with your audience and boost SEO performance. An agency can supplement other on-site content with a well-maintained blog that covers myriad topics.


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The process would begin with identifying valuable search queries that are worth targeting with blog posts. The agency can then write blog posts that contain natural instances of the target queries. In turn, your blog can supplement other SEO efforts while educating visitors about your industry and your company’s offerings.


Choose the Right SEO Agency to Build Your Campaigns


When you work with the ideal SEO agency, you can benefit from reliable SEO services that get the results you want from your efforts. A good agency will be able to develop custom-tailored campaigns that meet your unique requirements. It will also be able to help with other digital marketing services, from paid advertising and web design to social media marketing.

To learn more about what Kore Media can do for your SEO and to get started on your next campaign, reach out to us today and request a free SEO audit.