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Paid Advertising

Nailing ads ROI with bullseye audience targeting


As your advertisers, we’ll bid to participate in real-time auctions to display your ads

In an ever growing pay-to-play customer acquisition digital environment, regardless of what network, platform or channel, paid ads get in front of targeted eyeballs faster than any other form of marketing such as search engine optimization.

Imagine receiving consistent revenue by showing textual and/or visual advertisements in high-traffic websites, search engines like Google, and social media platforms. Your competitors have been doing it for years; effectively taking more of your market share.

It’s your turn.


Paid Advertisements to attract new customers


Account and campaign setup happens with collaborative ad development. Here we use content and smart messaging to create an ad list and mockups, all while mapping out A/B testing goals.


Top of funnel prospecting by introducing your brand to new potential customers.

Bottom of funnel retargeting to users who recently engaged with your brand through our ads


Track all metrics of performance from converted dollar values to dozens of easily digestible user-interaction metrics. Analytics dashboard with live advertising data. Full monthly reports with additional strategy suggestions.