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Search Engine Optimization

Exploding the core of online visibility


Get your website ranked on search engines for the keywords that are most valuable to you

When you have invested money and time on making your site perfect, you want people to notice it. It all begins with a good SEO strategy and how your search engine optimization architecture compliments your website.

Using the proper tools and knowledge, we can help your business succeed online and outperform your competitors.

By working alongside you, we’re able to gain vital insights into your business model and goals. In addition to a targeted SEO campaign, we also consult on a content-rich campaign to help establish your business as an authority in your specified field.

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Capture organic Google users searching for your products and/or services

On-Site Content

By optimizing content, following on-site SEO best practices, and placing strategized content that aligns with Google algorithms, we’ll measurably boost your website’s rankings and organic traffic.

Keyword Research

Similar to what we do for Paid Advertising campaigns, we investigate and carefully identify the keywords that your audience is searching for. By placing ourselves at the heart of your users, we can build your SEO campaign around a comprehensive list of industry and product-offering keywords and long-tail phrases.

Some examples of SEO services include Ecommerce SEO services; search engine optimization company; website SEO services; technical SEO services; and SEO consulting services.


Increasing the number of high-quality and authoritative inbound links to your website with the goal of pushing authority to your website and increasing search engine rankings.


At Kore Media, we focus on semantic search and explore user intent when searching and the search query’s context, and how this is now factored into the search algorithm.

Then we tailor your blogs around this and create keyword-rich articles to educate users on your products and offerings with fresh and updated content.

Page Performance

Pages with a longer load time have higher bounce rates and a lower average time spent on them. Whether you avail our SEO or professional web design services, we will investigate ways to improve your server response time, look for performance bottlenecks and image load speed.